Gratitude is the attitude that will bring light from the darkness. In the muck and mire of our everyday lives there are nuggets of joy, if we just look and pay attention.  By choosing to celebrate those small, seemingly insignificant, moments, we are able to survive the most difficult things. Using St. Therese of Lisieux’s The Little Way, this workshop will show you how to find the nuggets in your day to see and know deep in your heart, that God is with you, even (and especially) when you’re washing the dishes. Mary will give you ways to keep and cultivate gratitude in your everyday life.

About the presenter: Mary Lenaburg

Mary Lenaburg is a writer, speaker, blogger, wife and mother sharing her witness and testimony about God’s Redeeming love.Mary lives in Northern Virginia with her husband of 28 years and her grown son. She continues to embrace her father’s advice: “Never quit, never give up, never lose your faith. It’s the one reason you walk this earth. For God chose this time and place just for you, so make the most of it.”

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