In this workshop, Peggy Minnaert will share her personal testimony about searching for a workout program that would provide core strengthening and stretching but would also be in line with her Catholic faith.  Her quest led her to discover Pietra Fitness and now she is working toward becoming a certified Pietra Fitness instructor. 

Following Peggy's testimony, workshop attendees will have the opportunity to experience Pietra Fitness by participating in a light stretching portion of the program. 

Pietra Fitness offers stretching and strengthening classes featuring Christian prayer and meditation in the Catholic tradition.

To learn more about Pietra Fitness, please go  to: www.pietrafitness.com

*For this workshop, please bring a change of clothes adequate for a stretching class as well as a workout mat. 

About the Presenter: Peggy Minnaert

Peggy and her husband Dan have been married for 28 years and have four children.  Peggy is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Peggy has always taken seriously the call to maintain a healthy lifestyle both spiritually and physically and she feels most fully alive when being an instrument of God's grace while ministering to others. She treasures spending meaningful time with friends and takes great delight in sharing her delicious home-baked goodies. Peggy also finds great joy in knowing that God pursues her heart and relentlessly desires to restore her to dignity as his daughter. 

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