Spicing Up Your Marriage

We all want the kind of fairy tale marriages that result in "Happily Ever After" but we also live in the real world where craziness and chaos rule.  It's not intentional, but sometimes the realities of life push the romance in our marriages to the back burner.  This workshop is all about turning up the heat with fun and creative ideas to "re-ignite" the sparks!

About the Presenter: Lorissa Horn

Lorissa and her husband Johnny have been married for 14 year and have six children. She is a passionate Catholic speaker and event coordinator. Lorissa does not consider herself an expert in marriage and romance - but simply a fellow wife and mother constantly striving to have an extraordinary, fun and "spark worthy"  Catholic marriage. She is not fond of camping, cats or coffee but has a great affection for many types of foods (especially chocolate) and is often overcome by emotion when enjoying delicious meals or treats. 

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